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- Community Revitalization -

As with many cities, Sumter has areas that have become distressed and are in need of revitalization. Successful community revitalization will require a long-term approach strategy. This overall revitalization strategy may take time, however there are steps that David will make to improve our distressed neighborhoods. These measures will offer our citizens a sense of pride and vision for the potential their areas. 

- Economic Development -

A healthy economy is key for a healthy community. Sumter has made great strides in our economic opportunities for all our citizens. Our median household income has been on the rise, but we can do more. As a small business owner, David is on the frontlines of the economy. He understands the daily struggles of our local businesses and workforce. He commits to continue to make Sumter a more business-friendly city that will set the framework for future opportunities. . 

- Base Protection -

Shaw Air Force Base and Third Army’s U.S. Army Central are irreplaceable community partners. The $1.5 billion economic impact is vital to the overall community health of Sumter. For nearly 80 years, Sumter has loved and cared for the families that have been stationed at Shaw AFB. David will continue to nurture this relationship too and address the needs and concerns of our Shaw partners.  

- Public Safety -

We all want to feel safe in our community. If you have a fire or need police assistance, you want the comfort in knowing that they will respond quickly and in a professional manner. David has always supported public safety professionals and will continue to do so. It’s important to make sure they are well trained and compensated. He will make sure to fight for the necessary monies in the budget to provide for them.

- Quality of Life -

Everyone will agree that quality of life is something we all want and strive for our kids. A sense of belonging, a feeling of self worth, and meaningful daily activities are just a few examples. As mayor, David will use city resources when feasible and also create public-private partnerships that can join forces and work toward this common goal of making Sumter a great place to live, work, and play. 

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